Our values

  • We are committed to work that values authentic expressions of cultural diversity and that enables positive social change.
  • We value our networks and the human connections that build them.
  • We admire the work of our community-based researchers and recognise their unique importance.
  • We value rigour in research and evaluation methodologies as a key requirement of our disciplines.
  • We operate in a collegiate and cooperative manner and value the strength that cooperation brings.

Our service promises

  • We tailor to meet your goals: we customise project approaches.
  • We’re good partners: when you need a collaborative approach, we’ll ensure we’re working with you.
  • We’re good advisors: when you need direction and advice, we’ll guide you.
  • We think it through: everything we do is based on thoughtful consideration.
  • We walk the talk: we respect and uphold cultural protocols in the way we work.


We think it through — everything we do is based on thoughtful consideration.

We are feeling quite positive that we have found a way forward … [T]hank you for raising a contentious issue in a gentle way which enabled us to work through the potential implications in a respectful and productive (albeit sometimes difficult) way.

Community memberon a Aboriginal Child and Family Centre project