Dementia Australia


Evaluation of Dementia Australia’s National Dementia Support Outreach Programs


January 2022


CIRCA was engaged by Dementia Australia to conduct an evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of Dementia Australia’s three key programs: (i) Aboriginal Link Worker Program; (ii) CALD Support and Resource Development Program; and (iii) Regional Brain Hub Program. The objective of the research was to provide recommendations on how Dementia Australia could improve the effectiveness of its outreach programs, as well as to provide the organization with tools to support its ongoing evaluation of program effectiveness in the future.

CIRCA’s Research Approach

CIRCA used a mixed-method approach for this evaluation, including collection and analysis of qualitative interviews with 15 key stakeholders of the outreach programs, data from a brief co-designed survey with program participants, and Dementia Australia’s administrative data for the 2020-2021 outreach programs.

Research Findings and Outcomes

The results of the evaluation identified many strengths of the programs, as well as some areas for improvement. To this end, CIRCA made specific recommendations regarding implementation to help Dementia further strengthen these programs.

CIRCA’s findings have been put to use by Dementia Australia, in the development of ongoing action plans for the Outreach Programs.