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Tackling Indigenous Smoking program


We are currently conducting an evaluation of the national Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) program for the federal Department of Health. We are leading a cross-sector team which includes independent experts and Academics. This collaboration ensures both methodological rigour and meaningful engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This will produce insightful, relevant and practicable results for the Health Department’s decision makers.

Our methodology

Led by our staff, the evaluation is utilising a mixed methods approach. Monitoring data and performance measures linked to program objectives and outcomes are important for the continuous program improvement of TIS grant recipients. This secondary, or monitoring data, will be complemented by a targeted approach to primary data collection by our team. Qualitative consultations will be undertaken with program staff, community members, and stakeholders. In addition, an online survey will be distributed to program staff and stakeholders to ensure we divine the best measurement of outcomes for the TIS program.

The outcome

Our evaluation will identify process or implementation findings that can help to refine the TIS program. It will also consider TIS program outcomes to date, aligned broadly with anticipated short and medium term outcomes.

The preliminary evaluation of the TIS program revealed that the program is using local, evidence-based approaches for tobacco control. Based on the findings and recommendations of the report, the Australian Government committed to continue funding the program to June 2018.

The preliminary evaluation report can be found here.

Tackling Indigenous Smoking Preliminary Evaluation Report

Phase 2 of the evaluation is currently underway.